For seniors who have invested in a life insurance policy that they may
no longer need, it can be difficult to let it go after all the money that has been invested. However, there is an option for qualified seniors to use the funds that have been invested today in order to enjoy a fuller, happier life tomorrow.

This is a relatively new concept in terms of life insurance that is sometimes called a reverse insurance policy or a life settlement. For seniors who are in need of extra cash or those who simply want to do something positive with a  life insurance policy they no longer need, then acquiring life settlement funds may be the answer.


What are Life Settlement Funds?

In essence, is the sale of a life insurance policy that will actually exceed the cash surrender value. This means that you can actually sell your life insurance for a considerably greater value that what it is worth today. The new owner then takes over the policy and makes the premium payments while you get cash settlement that is significantly higher than if you cashed out the policy itself.

The settlement will be based on the overall value of the policy as determined by the secondary life settlement market. However, for qualified policies it will be noticeably higher than the current cash surrender value. This means that you get to enjoy using the money now
for the needs that you may have or if the policy itself is no longer worth your investment.


What are the Qualifications?

There are a few qualifications for this program. The ones who are qualified may have the opportunity to receiving a considerable amount for their policy.

Age: Generally speaking, seniors over the age of 70 are usually qualified, although there may be exceptions based on your circumstances.


Policy Type: If you own a life insurance policy that offers a cash surrender value, then it is the type of policy that may qualify. Universal life and joint survivorship policies may also qualify as well.


Beneficiary Amount: Here, face values of policies worth over $100,000 generally qualify.


If you have experienced a modest to major change in the status of your health, then your policy may also qualify as well.


Where Can I Find Out More Information?

At Legacy Life Now, we have offices that serve most of Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Michigan and Minnesota. If you live in the greater Milwaukee area, Green Bay, Oshkosh or many other communities, we are just a phone call away in explaining our services to you. Our friendly, professional staff will explain how secondary life settlement market works and answer all of your questions so that you can make the best informed decision.


Our goal is to ensure that your senior years are a time of joy and happiness that comes with a lifestyle that you have earned over the years. At Legacy Life Now, we can offer you a life settlement that well exceeds the current cash surrender value of your life insurance policy. Call us today and find out why more seniors are choosing to reap the benefits of enjoying their life settlement funds.




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